News: NJ Hospital Association Launches Big Data Analytics Center


The New Jersey Hospital Association (NJHA) has launched a new center that will use big data analytics techniques to identify and address gaps in care.

The NJHA Center for Health Analytics, Research, and Transformation (CHART) will apply predictive modeling and analytics to multiple sources of data to better understand underlying socioeconomic and community issues that may impact patient access to care and long-term outcomes.  

CHART seeks to place NJHA at the forefront of emerging issues so that the Association can partner with members, legislators, and other organizations for proactive responses.

Posted: 2018-09-11

News: How to Use Big Data Analytics to Boost Patient Engagement


Patient engagement is a key element of quality healthcare delivery. In order for patients to maintain their well-being, they must take an active role in their care and understand what they must do to stay healthy.

As wearable devices, patient portals, and social media, become more commonplace, both patients and providers now have access to more big data than ever before. However, all this information may do more harm than good if clinicians and patients do not have meaningful tools for interpreting, sharing, and interacting with this data.

Posted: 2018-09-11

News: Business Intelligence Newcomers Challenge Epic in Healthcare Market


August 23, 2018 - Epic has the deepest adoption of business intelligence capabilities among its customers, with clients leveraging the company’s predictive algorithms to improve decision support and patient outcomes.

However, organizations are also increasingly turning their attention to smaller, emerging business intelligence (BI) vendors for their cutting-edge risk stratification abilities, according to a recent KLAS report.  

Posted: 2018-09-11
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