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A Family Healthcare Monitoring System with 'Healthcare cloud'

Junping Dong


The new generation of family healthcare monitoring system not only requires low cost, low power consumption and
low volume, but also requires rapid adaptation to the development of national medical information based on cloud
computing. In view of this, it is an urgent need to design a 'healthcare cloud' family healthcare monitoring system.
First of all, this paper analyzes the process of family healthcare monitoring system connecting 'healthcare cloud' on
the basis of hierarchical structure of 'healthcare cloud'. Secondly, four key technologies of the system are solved,
including the design of family healthcare monitoring network based on physiological parameter sensor, the data
exchange mechanism based on HL7 RIM, the gray model and the health risk assessment model of the Markov model,
based on BPEL4WS Health service personalized assembly. Finally, the validity of the prototype system is verifi ed by
the case data of Jimei District in Xiamen City, which lays the foundation for the service of 'healthcare cloud'.

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