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by Junping Dong
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The new generation of family healthcare monitoring system not only requires low cost, low power consumption and
low volume, but also requires rapid adaptation to the development of national medical information based on cloud
computing. In view of this, it is an urgent need to design a 'healthcare cloud' family healthcare monitoring system.
First of all, this paper analyzes the process of family healthcare monitoring system connecting 'healthcare cloud' on
the basis of hierarchical structure of 'healthcare cloud'. Secondly, four key technologies of the system are solved,
including the design of family healthcare monitoring network based on physiological parameter sensor, the data
exchange mechanism based on HL7 RIM, the gray model and the health risk assessment model of the Markov model,
based on BPEL4WS Health service personalized assembly. Finally, the validity of the prototype system is verifi ed by
the case data of Jimei District in Xiamen City, which lays the foundation for the service of 'healthcare cloud'.


by Shuangming LI
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Intelligent medical management system design based on the current popular radio frequency identifi cation technology
(RFID), through the authority design, UHF EPC query, real-time input operation, analysis and arrange the complex
information when treating patients, protection of the medical process of transparency, information sharing, real-time
monitoring, standard fees and other requirements.


by Xinguo Zhang
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Nowadays, our human society has become an information-based society and computer application has become a
worldwide trend the world. It is an undeniable fact that with accessibility to computer, our life has become easier and
more convenient. Meanwhile, large businesses are also competing to introduce various computer-related technology.
Computer technology significantly improves the efficiency of work. Database technology is an important branch
of computer software. For most people, the database has become an indispensable part of people's daily lives. The
application of database has penetrated each corner of the society for example banking, ticket booking and online
course registration. The present work is to design a municipal community health management system database,
integrating the information of each medical department, patient medical practitioner medical equipment in a
community, through a series of designs and optimization. A comprehensive medical system not only will become an
important guarantee for people's physical and mental health, but also provides convenience for the management of the
medical sectors.


by Meng Pan
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This paper discussed the background of medical information; summarizing the current situation of medical
information, market analysis and construction process. The big data applications of medical health management and
service in our daily life, including clinical decision-making, remote treatment, personalized medical care and etc.,
were also discussed. Finally, the current challenges of medical big data were analyzed, and suggestions were proposed
to improve the current situations.


by Ruiguo li
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This paper was based on the provincial community health information platform cloud computing project of Henan
province, which provided business access for the cooperative medical care of provincial, city, county, township
and village health institutions. The construction contents included remote consultation, the two-way referral, image
collaboration, video conferencing, comprehensive management, medical data collection, distance education, mobile
consultation, through the information technology to standardize medical service process, promote the regional medical
information system standardization and information interoperability, and gradually guide patients, who stayed in
the region, to seek treatment according to type of disease and related specialist orderly, will be effective to solve
the problem of 'difficult and expensive to see a doctor', and also for other regional medical cooperation to provide
construction suggestion.