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Whioce Publishing Pte Ltd  and the Editor-in-chief invite all authors  to submit their  manuscripts to  our  newly launched  journal, Big Data and Cloud Innovation, for peer review.

Posted: 2018-09-11

Why we lose out if we leave everything to algorithms

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Bad Romance”—an amazing piece of journalism by Sarah Jeong at the Verge—implicitly answers this question. It’s about the romance genre on Kindle Unlimited, and the royal rumble that’s been happening this year. It’s a story about how “rampant algorithmic tricks” have ripped apart an author community. Deep down, the cause of the controversy is about data, automation, and how people try to game systems that are too focused on KPIs.

The story is about over-reliance on algorithms and KPIs. Royalties and high ranking on the Amazon stories are everything, and authors do whatever they can to get there. When Amazon paid according to books read, authors published shorter and shorter books. Amazon’s fix was to pay based on number of pages read. The outcome? Books got longer and longer, and authors jumped people to the last page on opening the book.

Posted: 2018-09-11

Gain In-demand Cloud, Data, and Machine Learning Skills with the Full Google Cloud Suite of Learning Programs on Coursera


The fields of data science and data engineering are increasingly in demand as more enterprises engage the road to digital transformation. As a result, an ever increasing number of cloud computing professionals are sought after by recruiters and hiring managers. There are currently thousands of open jobs for cloud architects, data engineers, and cloud application developers.

Those looking to take advantage of this rising demand should look for quality training solutions in order to kick start their career objectives. But time is of the essence, the jobs are here now, so it’s important to choose the training solution that will result in the most benefit.

Posted: 2017-06-08
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