Journal updates: The Big Data Turns into a Successful Business Model

Big Data has become the most popular term in recent years. As the accumulated amount of data increase, digit turns into an "asset" with digitization, broadband network in the global, and application of Internet in all walks of life.


The Big Data overturns traditional management mode and business thinking of the enterprises to a certain extent, accurately grasping behavior pattern of client side through analysis and statistics. It is not a completely fresh new concept. When enterprises and countries understand how to employ digital technology to effectively expand market, promote efficiency and serve clients, big data is gradually built up in CCIs category.


Time is required to change and adjust ideas. The instability of the primary market will fundamentally shake the artworks’ fundamental market. The most important function of art is to enhance the aesthetic and cultural literacy for all. The current online gallery doesn’t impact Chinese gallery industry too much, but it will inevitably be needed and will continue to make progress.



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