Research Advancements: Changchun, an old manufacturing base, enters new era


Changchun, known as an old industrial center of Northeast China, is now a major part of the Harbin-Changchun megalopolis, a national development strategy for the region. It is planned as a base for the automobile industry, advanced equipment manufacturing and the bio-industry.

Automobiles used to be the pillar of the city but now it's forming a new industrial mix involving the three major traditional industries of automobiles, railway vehicles and agricultural product processing and the six strategic emerging industries of advanced manufacturing, photoelectric technology, biology and medicine, new materials, new energy vehicles and big data.

Changchun is now upgrading that industry by implementing a series of major automobile projects and cultivating a group of modern manufacturing enterprises.

With the plan's new policies, strategic emerging industries of the city are flourishing.

To improve its innovation ability, Changchun has built an integrated innovation base featuring a cloud platform, a science and technology innovation center, an integrated innovation complex, and an enterprise technology center, among other advanced undertakings.

The city has also built many science and technology financial centers, incubators, maker spaces and science and technology parks.

Changchun has embraced a new era in its development.


Source: China Daily, Oct 30th, 2017

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