Research Advancements: How Cloud Computing Can Boost Employee Productivity


Out of all the benefits of working in the cloud, one of the biggest, increased productivity, is also one of the hardest to quantify. A large part of that is because both the time and money saved can be more easily measured while productivity is a trickier metric to pin down. That said, there are some very real ways that the cloud can boost employee productivity and, if you’re mulling over whether to move your small business into the cloud or not, the points listed below might just tip the scale to the “yes migrate” side.

Ways the Cloud Can Boost Employee Productivity: Productivity in the workplace primarily translates to efficiency and working in the cloud can be efficient thanks to six cloud productivity benefits.

Automation: Automation can make your employees super-efficient.

Process Management: Many of the tools available in the cloud come equipped with features to manage your processes.

Workplace Flexibility: If the first productivity benefit, automation, was about focusing on a process or task only when employees needed to be involved, workplace flexibility is about enabling your employees to participate in a process or complete a task no matter where they are.

Asynchronous Collaboration: Don’t be scared by the “techie-sounding” term. Asynchronous means that things happen at different times.

Faster Learning Curve: Online solutions typically take less time to learn. That’s because of a practice called, “web usability” which is where online solution vendors follow online standards (links, drop-down menus, page layouts, etc.) with which anyone who uses a web browser is familiar.

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Source:         Meylah Cloud Readiness, Nov 6th, 2017