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Design and Implementation of Financial Big Data Visualization Analysis Platform

Xi Chen, Bo Fan, Jie Zheng, Hongyan Cui


At present, it has become a hot research field to improve production efficiency and improve life experience through big data analysis. In the process of big data analysis, how to vividly display the results of the analysis is crucial. So, this paper introduces a set of big data visualization analysis platform based on financial field. The platform adopts the MVC system architecture, which is mainly composed of two parts: the background and the front end. The background part is built on the Django framework, and the front end is built with html5, css3, and JavaScript. The chart is rendered by Echarts. The platform can realize the classification of customers' savings potential through bank data, and make portraits of customers with different savings levels. The data analysis results can be dynamically displayed and interact wit


Financial big data, Visualization, Classification, Machine learning

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