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by Wen Zhang1, Ce Shi
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In this article, generalized differential quadrature method (GDQM) is used to study the free vibrational behavior of variable cross section nano beams. Eringen's nonlocal elastic theory is taken into account to model the small scale effects and nonuniformity is assumed by exponentially varying the width of nano beam. Governing equation of motion is solved using generalized differential quadrature method with different numbers of sampling points. Effects of increasing the sampling points in reaching more accurate results for first three frequency parameters are presented and it is shown that after a specific number of sampling points, results merge to a certain accurate number. It is concluded that generalized differential quadrature method is able to reach the correct answers comparing to analytical results. Moreover, due to the stiffness softening behavior of small-scale structures, necessity of using Eringen's nonlocal elastic theory to model the small scale effects due to the frequency variation is observed.