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Based on JAVAEE online shopping system

Xinming Yang


E-commerce system (online shopping platform) in internet has been very widely used, for example, Taobao, Dangdang
and so on. With the rapid development and popularization of network information, online shopping has become a
modern life of fashion, but also to people's lives has brought a very large convenience. This paper mainly describes
a simulation of the Dangdang system part of the function of the software. The website uses javaee, struts2, MySQL
database, jQuery, Hibernate, MyEclipse development environment development is completed, using the advanced
MVC design pattern, reducing the coupling between the various components, so that we designed the Dangdang site
easier to maintain and manage. Dangdang achieved the user registration and login, the main interface and category
browsing, merchandise purchase, the number of changes and delete, order confi rmation, fi ll in the delivery address,
and generate orders and other functions.

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