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Design and Manufacture of Plastic Mold

Yuzhu Dong


In the modern production and life, more and more products, especially plastic products and large-scale cover products,
such as the shape of the product structure is more complex, it is diffi cult to use a single drawing of the correct and
detailed expression of the product shape and structure, which requires mold The design manufacturer must use the
means described in the computer-aided design document, and the mold manufacturer must be required to fully grasp
the various materials of the product, including the shape, size, characteristics of the material, precision requirements,
special surface eff ects. Some products require customers to provide physical or model. At present, China's industrial
production is characterized by more varieties of products, upgrading fast, the market competition. In this case, the
user requirements for the manufacture of mold is good quality parts, the shorter the better delivery time, the higher the
better the mold, the lower the better mold prices, thus, modern plastic mold manufacturing and The current economic
development situation and the above requirements to adapt.

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