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Finite Element Analysis of Stamping of Automobile Beam

Xiaoli Fu


With the development of numerical simulation and analysis technology, plastic forming theory, stamping technology
and computer technology, DynaForm technology with a finite element as the core has been developed rapidly.
DynaForm technology for sheet metal stamping can simulate the entire process of sheet metal stamping. In this paper,
the metal beam is used as the research object, and the fi nite element analysis is carried out by DynaForm software. The
causes and control methods of the typical defects in the forming process are analyzed. The radius, punching speed,
Coeffi cient, blank holder force, drawbead and other parameters on the quality of the impact of automotive beams.
Combined with the actual production of a reasonable forming process and improve the way. The simulation used to
guide the practice, can shorten the mold development time, reduce the cost of molds, improve business income; the
production practice has a certain guiding signifi cance.

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