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Smart Pinch Detection for Car's Electric Sunroof Based on Estimation and Compensation of System Disturbance

Zhaoyang Ai, Ying Zhang, Yingjie Zhang, Yun Feng, Jing Zhang, Yi Lu Murphey


To solve the problems of internal and external disturbances caused by mechanical wear, electrical aging and complex road conditions, a practical and robust pinch detection algorithm is proposed for the anti-pinch control systems of the car’s sunroof. The proposed algorithm makes use of grey theory to predict and compensate the uncertain disturbances. To detect electric sunroof pinch state, a kind of torque rate is selected as the observation state due to the less sensitivity of the torque rate to the uncertainty of the motor’s parameters and supply voltage than the torque or the angular speed. The torque rate is obtained by using angular velocity measurements calculated from the Hall sensor output. To detect the pinched condition, a systematic way to determine the threshold level of the torque rate estimation is also suggested. The experimental results show that our method meets the requirements of European Directive 74/60/ECC, China GB 11552-2009 and America Directive FMVSSll8,and has excellent performances in detecting car’s electric sunroof pinch state.

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