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Realization of Time Synchronization Server Based on C/S

Jidong Zhou


Computer network refers to the multi-computer with independent functions and their external devices, which are
connected by communication lines. The resources are realized under the management and coordination of network
operating system, network management software and network communication protocol. Sharing and information
transfer of computer systems. The topic of this computer network is based on the C / S time synchronization server
implementation. Time server is in the LAN as a unifi ed time to publish the server, which uses the computer network
to pass the time information to the user. Refer to the existing time server principle and eff ect to achieve a time server
and client. The server opens the specifi ed port release time to the network, and the other client obtains the time from
the network and synchronizes the local time. This design is based on Visual Studio 2010 as the development platform,
to discuss the design of the view of the process from these 5 aspects: the topic background, program demonstration,
process discussion, analysis of the results and conclusions.

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