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A Summary of Research on computer Network attack and Defense Modeling and Simulation

Ali J Harriman


Because of the sensitivity, real-time and large scale characteristics of the actual computer network application, it is not convenient to carry out the research work directly on the computer network, and use the modeling and simulation method to study the network attack and defense safety of the calculating machine. It not only can avoid the influence and damage to the actual computer network, but also has the advantages of flexibility, repeatability and low cost efficiency ratio. It can provide an effective reference for the practical security of the computer network. This paper summarizes the modeling methods and characteristics of computer network attack and defense behavior based on graph analysis and network worm behavior analysis, and analyzes the analysis method of computer network attack and defense effect based on cascade failure. And computer network attack and defense modeling and simulation system for security evaluation. Finally, the difficulties and shortcomings of computer network attack and defense modeling are analyzed, and the development trend in the future is forecasted.

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