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by slimen belghit
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In this work, we used the MATLAB code to calculate the growth rate of the Weibel instability (WI) in weakly relativistic parameters of laser-plasma interaction in the inertial thermonuclear fusion. In this study, the basic equation is the relativistic Fokker-Planck equation (FPE). However in our paper, the distribution function is not supposed but it is calculated from FPE by considering the fusion plasma heating by the laser source and the collisions term which corresponds to the laser fusion experiments. The main obtained result is a decrease in the spectral range of Weibel unstable modes. This decreasing is accompanied by a reduction of two orders in the growth rate spectrum of instability, this spectrum presents a maximum, which can be in terpreted by the competition between the loss effects (collisions and Landau damping) and the inverse bremsstrahlung absorption (IBA) with parameters of laser-plasma interactions.