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by Slimen. Belghit
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In this work, the Weibel instability due to inverse bremsstrahlung (IB) absorption in laser fusion plasma has been investigated. The stabilization effect due to the coupling of the self-generated magnetic field by Weibel instability with the laser wave field is explicitly showed. In this study, the relativistic effects are taken into account; here the basic equation is the relativistic Fokker-Planck equation. The main obtained result is that the coupling of self-generated magnetic field with the laser wave causes a stabilizing effect of excited Weibel modes. We found a decrease in the spectral range of Weibel unstable modes. This decreasing is accompanied by a reduction of two orders in the growth rate spectrum of instability, or even stabilization of these modes. It has been shown that the previous analysis of the Weibel instability due to IB have overestimated the values of the generated magnetic fields.