Environment and Social Psychology

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About the Journal

The main aim of ESP is to explore the nexus of environment and the human condition, which promotes environmental consciousness and behaviors that are crucial for sustainable progress and human development. With an interdisciplinary approach, synthesizing theory, research, and practice, we seek to:

  1. Examine the possibilities of human and social development as a credible paradigm for scientific inquiry and dialogue that promote world peace, prosperity and progress in a dangerously complex world.
  2. Transcend dualities and contradictions of contemporary ideologies and methods toward a unifying framework for enduring social psychological research.
  3. Promote scholarly pursuits for the advancement of knowledge in search of empirical evidence and truth, which support environmental justice as a viable paradigm conducive to human-social development.
  4. Unravel social psychological barriers—beliefs, attitudes, stereotypes, prejudices, habits, and politico-cultural practices—that thwart quality education and learning beyond the contemporary dogmas of behavioral schools.
  5. Interface pathways to understand and resolve contemporary nihilism that incubates psychopathologies of self-destructive addictions—sexual abuse, substance and drugs, interpersonal violence, and anomic dysfunctions—and breeds mayhem, mass murders and terror.

Vol 2, No 1 (2017): ONLINE FIRST

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Bir Pal Singh
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