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Design and Implementation of Taxi Management System

Yueming Peng, Shanshan Liu, Xinglong Dai


The growing economy and the information age have arrived. The life of a variety of information tends to be digital and clear. Taxi management system is born in such an environment, the increasingly developed tra ffi c, taxi information is complicated. So we will play a huge computer storage space, high-performance processing power, highly reliable data security, clear visual data and other advantages to assist the management of the taxi management, to achieve a reasonable use of computer resources, and truly the purpose of reducing the labor force to improve the quality of labor. This paper mainly analyzes the main components of the system, including the demand situation, the design goal of the system, the data structure, the data fl ow and the main features of the system. The detailed ideas and implementation methods of the system function module are introduced, part of the source code for a detailed description.


Taxi management, Information systems, Databases, Controls, Forms

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