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Implementation of Project Management System Based on Project Management

Shifeng Ye, Yanjing Zhai, Xiulian Yu


With the rapid development of information technology and the gradual expansion of education, the construction of campus information is accelerating. The use of information technology to promote teaching reform is an important idea for the current school education reform, it is to improve the quality of teaching specifi c measures, especially new requirements is needed for colleges and universities as they continue to expand enrollment and teaching resources. Way to make full use of limited resources, use more scientifi c management methods and teaching methods, improve work effi  ciency, ensure the quality of teaching, improve the eff ectiveness of running a school, has become an important subject of university research. The application of computer in teaching management is the key to realize the scientifi c and modern teaching management. To improve the quality of teaching, we must grasp the various teaching links. The examination is an important part for the students to test the eff ect of learning. Objective evaluation of the students as a means of curriculum construction is also an important part. In the school teaching work, the traditional test questions management is usually in the form of questions or test paper set, and design manually by teachers, which is large, and complex. The automatically generation system for test paper integrated the traditional manual volume, which solves a lot of problems, such as avoid unnecessary duplication of eff ort, saving the human resources and time; the use of scientifi c measures to evaluate and evaluate the diffi  culty of harmonizing papers, the eff ective quality of test papers; and a signifi cant reduction in the probability of missing errors in the test paper, reduce unnecessary trouble


automatic test paper, manual volume, teaching management scientifi c.

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