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Realization of Spectrum Analysis of Speech Signal Based

Wenyong Xu, Wenyong Xu, Jingjing Wu, Junlin Chen


MATLAB is a very powerful engineering and practical software for data analysis and processing. It is very convenient to analyze and deal with it. This paper introduces how to collect the speech signal and voice signal acquisition in MATLAB environment, and analyze the MATLAB of speech signal processing by an example. The basic principle and basic process of texture image analysis based on Fourier transform spectrum are described by MATLAB simulation of sinusoidal texture image and spectral characteristic analysis of sinusoidal texture image. The program is written, and the spatial texture image with ideal sine distribution is obtained, and its spectral characteristics are analyzed. According to the defi nition of discrete Fourier transform DFT, a method of calculating the amplitude spectrum of discrete signal by DFT is deduced. The eff ectiveness of the method is verifi ed by MATLAB simulation.


MATLAB; spectrum analysis; Fourier transform; speech signal; signal analysis

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