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Statistical mechanics of hard spheres: the scaled particle theory of the hard sphere fluid revisited

Bruno Baeyens


The aim of this paper is to exhaust the possibilities offered by the scaled particle theory as far as possible and to confirm the reliability of the virial coefficients found in the literature, especially the estimated ones: B i for i > 11. In a previous article (J.Math.Phys.36,201,1995) a theoretical equation of state for the hard sphere fluid was derived making use of the ideas of the so called scaled particle theory which has been developed by Reiss et al.(J.Chem.Phys.31,369,1959). It contains two parameters which could be calculated. The equation of state agrees with the simulation data up to high densities, where the fluid is metastable. The derivation was besed on a generalized series expansion. The virial coefficients B 2 , B 3 and B 4 are exactly reproduced and B 5 , B 6 and B 7 to within small deviations, but the higher ones up to B 18 are systematically and significantly smaller than the values found in the literature. The scaled particle theory yields a number of equations of which only four were used. In this paper we make use of seven equations to calculate the compressibility factors of the fluid. They agree with the simulation data slightly better than those yielded by the old equation. Moreover, the differences between the calculated virial coefficients B i and those found in the literature up to B 18 are very small (less than 4 percent).


Hard sphere fluid; scaled particle theory; contact cor; relation function; series expansion; compressibility factors; virial co; efficients

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