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Practical Research on Electroless Copper Plating Technology on Ceramic Surface

Zheng Liu


Deposited electroless copper layer on ceramic matrix by using formaldehyde reduction copper plating system to complete DPC seed layer. Used orthogonal experiment, single factor analysis and other methods to optimize solution parameters, the optimum parameters of electroless copper plating bath are as follows: Cu SO4 8g/L, C4H4O6KNa·4H2O 40g/L, HCHO 10g/L, temperature 35 ℃and time 30min respectively. Adopted scotch tape, microstructure, composition analysis, temperature cycling test and a variety of other test methods to comprehensively analyze the performance of the electroless copper layer, it turned out that electroless copper has fine electrical and mechanical performance.


Ceramic substrate ;DPC ;Electroless copper plating

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