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Local SDH transmission network design

xie Wenjun


We know that today's society is the information society. The highly developed information society requires that
the communication network can provide a wide variety of telecommunication services. The amount of information
transmitted, exchanged and processed through the communication network will increase, which requires the modern
communication network to be digitalized, integrated, intelligent and personalized. The transmission system is an
important part of the communication network, directly restricting the development of the communication network.
One of the most important developments in the world to develop the information superhighway, with one of the
key is to set up a large capacity transmission fiber network, continuously improve the transmission line on the
signal rate, widening the transmission band. It is like expanding capacity to accommodate a large number of traffi c
in highways. At the same time the user wants the transmission network to have a worldwide interface standard, to
access to global village, in where every user can easily communicate anytime and anywhere. Synchronous Digital
Hierarchy (SDH) is a comprehensive information transmission network that integrates multiplexing, line transmission
and switching functions and is operated by a unifi ed network management system. It is a synchronous information
transmission network developed by Bell Communication Technology Research Institute’s optical network (SONET).
The International Telegraph and Telephone Advisory Committee (now ITU-T) received the SONET concept in 1988
and renamed it SDH, making it a general technology system that applies not only to fiber but also to microwave
and satellite transmission. It is applied for eff ective management of network, real-time service monitoring, dynamic
network maintenance, interoperability between different vendors and other functions, greatly improves network
resource utilization, reduce management and maintenance costs, flexible and reliable and efficient network
operation and maintenance. So it is in the center of attention in world's information fi eld of transmission technology
development and application.



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