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Advances in Application of Nanomaterials in Life Science

Qin Shimiao, Xiawei Liu, Lijia Dong


Nanomaterials had attracted much attention since their discovery with their unique structure, peculiar physical,
chemical, mechanical properties and potential application prospects. In the past few years, the theoretical and
experimental research on biological nanomaterials has become the focus of attention, especially the biochemistry,
biophysics, biomechanics, thermodynamics and electromagnetism of nucleic acid and protein, while its intelligent
composites have become the forefront of life science and materials science. At present, nano-bio-chip materials,
biomimetic materials, nano-motors, nanocomposites, interface biomaterials, nano-sensors and drug delivery systems
have made great progress. In this paper, the characteristics of these materials, research and development of the
application were reviewed, a brief overview of the nano-materials in the life sciences of the main applications, and to
explore the development prospects of biological nano-materials.

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