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Vol 1 , No 1 (Published) A Study on Application of the Technology for Activated Sludge Reducing Abstract   PDF
Zhan Yang
Vol 2 , No 4 (Published) Analysis of Application of Environmental Engineering Construction in Ecological City Abstract   PDF
Shutian Sun, Kunxue Huang, Yu Hu, Zhixin Xing, Qingjiang Su
Vol 2 , No 4 (Published) Analysis of Application of Pile Foundation Technology in Construction Engineering Abstract   PDF
Xiaoyu Si, Xiangru Zhao, Xiangru Zhao, Lihua Wang, Lihua Wang, Baosen Du, Baosen Du, Liping Wu, Liping Wu
Vol 2 , No 4 (Published) Analysis of basic design in architectural structure design Abstract   PDF
Hongliang Xu, Zhenzhong Huo, Weiling Zhu, Min Yang, Jianhua Xu
Vol 2 , No 3 (Published) Analysis of Difficulties and Technical Countermeasures in Construction of Road and Bridge Tunnels Abstract   PDF
Chengsen Wang, Kun Qu, Yizhe Ren, Lina Liu, Wei Wang
Vol 2 , No 1 (Published) Analysis of green environmental protection concept in environmental engineering design Abstract   PDF
Yong Ding, Xian Zhang, Qiaohong Liu, Ya Wang, Yangci Shao
Vol 2 , No 4 (Published) Analysis of Main Factors Affecting Construction Management and Countermeasures Abstract   PDF
Honglei Xu, Jianguo Wang, Suwan Liu, Adong Xu, Yongfen Zhang
Vol 2 , No 2 (Published) Analysis of problems and solutions in safety management of building engineering Abstract   PDF
Zhiqiang Li, Lingyao Tang, Yongfeng Niu, Biao Wu, Yufang Wang
Vol 1 , No 1 (Published) Analysis of Stress in Construction Monitoring of Long - Span Concrete Bridge Abstract   PDF
Jianwei Li
Vol 2 , No 4 (Published) Analysis of the innovation of construction technology in Civil Engineering Abstract   PDF
Peng Zhao, Xuliang Zhuang, Wenzhong Liu, Bing Liang, Xuan Yang
Vol 2 , No 1 (Published) Analysis of the whole process of environmental protection project management and control Abstract   PDF
Yanlun Shi, Jian Wang, Yongbo Qu, Zhihong Lang, Hongjiao Liu
Vol 2 , No 2 (Published) Application and analysis of new technology in building engineering survey Abstract   PDF
Qingtang Guo, Gengtao Li, Zhigang Qiao, Xiuyuan Xiuyuan Yang, Baoli Li
Vol 2 , No 4 (Published) Application of Tower Girder Asynchronous Construction Technology Abstract   PDF
Xiao Li, Qiantu He
Vol 2 , No 2 (Published) Bending and Vibration Analysis of Curved FG Nanobeams via Nonlocal Timoshenko Model Abstract   PDF
Seyyed Amirhosein Hosseini, Omid Rahmani
Vol 2 , No 2 (Published) Construction management of petrochemical process pipeline installation Abstract   PDF
Guoqiang Qin, Hongge Ding, Xiaohong Liu, Haijun Zhang, Guibao Ma
Vol 2 , No 1 (Published) Construction Progress Control And Management Measures Analysis Abstract   PDF
Jie Fang, Yan Li, Qi Liao, Zenghui Ren, Baohong Xie
Vol 2 , No 2 (Published) Construction summary of karst grouting treatment for Railway Subgrade Abstract   PDF
Lincheng Wang
Vol 2 , No 1 (Published) Construction Technology and Innovation Research of Municipal Civil Engineering Abstract   PDF
Xiangliang FU, Mingming LIU, Xingsheng WANG, Jian YIN, Ping SU
Vol 2 , No 4 (Published) Cost Comparison of Traditional Glass Fiber Test Methods and Computer Aided Neural Prediction Supported Systems Abstract   PDF
Vol 2 , No 4 (Published) Cost Management of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Project Based on Bim Technology Abstract   PDF
Lifa Zhang, Zhibo Dong, Lizhuang Zhang, Aiping Zu, Liang Yang
Vol 2 , No 2 (Published) Development of Finite Element Solver for Welding Analysis Abstract   PDF
Abid Ali Khan, Farzeen Shahid, Ihtzaz Qamar
Vol 2 , No 3 (Published) Difficulty analysis and countermeasure discussion of building HVAC construction Abstract   PDF
Yafei Sun, Chenxi Zhang, Xinhe Wang, Shujuan Yuan, Guixin Zhu
Vol 2 , No 2 (Published) Discussion on construction methods and precautions of building water supply and drainage Abstract   PDF
Guoliang Yu, Fan Fan Yang, Li Li Li, Zhenfeng Zhenfeng Li, Zhenlong Shi
Vol 2 , No 3 (Published) Discussion on cost control experience in construction project management Abstract   PDF
Lining Liu, Jie Sun, Yanshan Ni, Shun Yang, Ping’an Song
Vol 2 , No 4 (Published) Discussion on Quality Management and Control in Construction Engineering Abstract   PDF
Shuo Yuan, Yanqing Wang, Limin Kang, Zhengquan Yu, Yong Feng
Vol 2 , No 2 (Published) Discussion on the construction technology of waterproofing roadbed on road and bridge construction Abstract   PDF
Dezhi Xia, Jun Zeng, Yiteng Zhao, Yan Shen, Xueyan Guo
Vol 2 , No 3 (Published) Dynamic management and cost optimization control of construction project cost Abstract   PDF
Hongyan Jin, Jing Zhang, Fei Xu, Rongliang Ji, Zhilei Liu
Vol 1 , No 2 (Published) Effects of dynamic information display on the perception of public washroom cleanliness Abstract   PDF
Yang Liu
Vol 2 , No 3 (Published) Elementary discussion on construction technology of foundation treatment for water conservancy and hydropower projects Abstract   PDF
Linjun Shao, Qingfeng Wang, Guiyun Qin, Rongqiang Liu
Vol 2 , No 2 (Published) Elementary introduction to the relevant elements and measures of green building design Abstract   PDF
Junguo Yang, Hongming Zhu, Shulong Zhang, Suju Xia, Li Liu
Vol 2 , No 3 (Published) Existing problems and measures in safety management of chemical engineering Abstract   PDF
Yuepeng Liu, Zhigang Zhang, Quan Yang, Qiang Zhang, Zhen’an Liu
Vol 2 , No 4 (Published) Explore the Development and Application of Electrical Automation Control Systems Abstract   PDF
Zhishan Niu, Yanfeng Zhao, Junjun Hu, Deyong Wang, Lin Dong, Lijun Wang
Vol 1 , No 1 (Published) Foundation Pit Support and Construction of Luneng Real Estate S - 20 Commercial Building Abstract   PDF
Xueli Song, Xiudong Xu, Lange Wang, Huajun Yang
Vol 2 , No 4 (Published) How to Reasonably Control the Project Cost Abstract   PDF
Xuhua Shao, Yayong Li, Runbing Yang, Chunhui Chen
Vol 2 , No 1 (Published) Innovative Methods of Strengthening the Construction Quality of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Abstract   PDF
Xianghui Zhang, Weiming Ji, Yan Qi, Liguang Li, Mazhi Shi
Andrey K. Tugengol'd, A.F. Lysenko, A.I. Izyumov, R.N. Voloshin
Vol 2 , No 4 (Published) Multimodal Medical Image Fusion Using Various Hybrid Fusion Techniques For clinical Treatment Analysis Abstract   PDF
Rajalingam B, Priya R
Vol 2 , No 4 (Published) Municipal Road Quality Control and Testing Abstract   PDF
Jian Li, Peng Liu, Chengfu Yan, Jinhui Huo, Qiang Liu
Vol 2 , No 2 (Published) On the innovation and development of civil engineering construction technology Abstract   PDF
Jue Wang, Zuozheng Xie, Bin Zhang, Liqiang Tian, Liang Xu
Vol 2 , No 4 (Published) Problems and Countermeasures in Construction Quality Management of House Building Engineering Abstract   PDF
Cuigang Song, Yang Liu, Changqing Zhou, Long Wen, Yunfei Zhao
Vol 1 , No 2 (Published) Project Standard Design and Special Research Report Abstract   PDF
Lei Li
Vol 1 , No 2 (Published) Reconstruction of the environment quality on “Chaotic Space”: Case study of Chaonan District, Shantou City, China Abstract   PDF
Jingjing Li, Yuhang Zhou
Vol 2 , No 3 (Published) Research on construction site management of environmental protection engineering Abstract   PDF
Huimin Zhao, Zilong Li, Xiaoqing Ma, Zhiyong Ma, Na Li
Vol 2 , No 3 (Published) Research on construction technology of road subgrade and bridge engineering Abstract   PDF
Shicai Zhang, Jinwei Zhang, Xijie Yang, Lihua Zhao, Chenghai Zhao
Vol 2 , No 4 (Published) Research on Pipeline and Material Optimization Design of Chemical Engineering Equipment Abstract   PDF
Peng Bai, Zhijie Zhao, Suzhen Ma, Bin Xue, Yongjie Tian
Vol 2 , No 3 (Published) Research on problems and solutions in construction quality supervision of construction projects Abstract   PDF
Lijuan Chang, Yaning Wang, Guanhai Feng, Liqiang Wang
Vol 2 , No 3 (Published) Research on safety management of engineering construction Abstract   PDF
Le Yang, Haifeng Zhang, Suran Zhao, Yulin Hu, Zhiyin He
Vol 2 , No 3 (Published) Research on Technical Points of Installation and Construction of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Abstract   PDF
Ze Li, Li Li Wang, Subin Subin Li, Xinjing Xinjing Zhang, Guosen Zhou
Vol 2 , No 3 (Published) Rock Fragmentation Prediction through a New Hybrid Model Based on Imperial Competitive Algorithm and Neural Network Abstract   PDF
Danial Jahed Armaghani
Vol 2 , No 1 (Published) Rough Set Extension under Incomplete Information System with “?” Values Abstract   PDF
Ahmed Hamed Hussein
Vol 1 , No 1 (Published) Spatial Three-dimensional Technology of Special-shaped Pier Based on BIM Abstract   PDF
Hongli Yu, Wenliang Long, Jia Qing, Yuangu Xiong
Vol 2 , No 3 (Published) Study on construction technology and quality control of municipal drainage engineering Abstract   PDF
Zhenlun Qu, Weihai Wang, An Zhou, Jianyin Liu, Jianhua Feng
Vol 2 , No 2 (Published) Study on Maintenance and Management Measures of Municipal Drainage System Abstract   PDF
Peitao Huang, Ming Zhang, Xiao Zhang, Yuning An, Weiming Lu
Vol 2 , No 4 (Published) The Development Trend of Modern Technology of Electronic Engineering Abstract   PDF
Tong Liu, Zhijun Cao, Liang Cheng, Yanfeng Liu, Haipeng Zhang
Vol 1 , No 1 (Published) The Evolution of Public Transport Policy in Hong Kong since 1981 Abstract   PDF
Zhe Li
Vol 2 , No 2 (Published) Thinking on the development of power system automation based on electrical engineering and automation technology Abstract   PDF
Tangwei Liu, Shanying Zhu, Lijuan Dong, Yuqing Zheng, Wenping Liu
Vol 2 , No 3 (Published) Ultimate Load Capacity of Optimal Designed Angelina™ Beams Abstract   PDF
Ferhat Erdal, Osman Tunca, Serkan Tas, Serdar Carbas
Vol 1 , No 2 (Published) Vigorously Develop PMC business, Speed up the Transformation of the Design Institute Abstract   PDF
Fuqiang Wang
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