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Application of Smart Antenna in TD - SCDMA

Yang Xinghua, Haiyang Song, Hongwu Li


With the rapid development of global communications business, future personal communication wireless mobile communication
technology has aroused great concern. Way to eliminate the impact of co-channel interference (CCI), multiple access interference (MAI)
and multipath fading becomes a major factor in improving the performance of wireless mobile communication systems. The smart antenna
uses the digital signal processing technology to generate the spatial directional beam so that the antenna main beam is aligned with the
direction of arrival of the user signal. The side lobe or the zero point is aligned to the direction of the interfering signal to reach the full
efficient use of the mobile subscriber signal, thus remove or suppress the interference signal purpose. Compared with other increasingly
deep and mature interference removal technology, the application of smart antenna technology in mobile communication is even more in the
ascendant and showing great potential. One of the key technologies of the third generation mobile communication standard TD-SCDMA
system submitted by our country is the intelligent antenna technology. The paper introduces the history and development of the smart
antenna in detail, and deeply analyzes the application of the smart antenna in TD-SCDMA. The application of smart antenna has been

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