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Application of Wireless LAN Localization Technology

Fan Lili, Zhengxi Li, Kaiping Yue, Pengfei Luo


This article mainly describes the formation of various types of wireless LAN, as the current wireless LAN (Wireless LAN)
technology can be very convenient to wireless network equipment and mobile devices, people can access the network resources at anytime,
anywhere by communication Mobile, personalized and multimedia applications. In the continuous development of network technology,
wireless LAN is also changing our way of life, we can access to internet in amusement park, hotel, airport station and other areas. And in
school, teachers and students in the dormitory can have communication through the wireless LAN layout. Wireless LAN also has many
advantages and disadvantages, we need to understand the discovery of applications, this is the only way we can have a better life, learning,
and work.

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