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Optimization of LTE Network Coverage

Fu Yanbo, Na Qu, Haibin Hou, Yongxi Zhang


The trend of mobile, broadband and IP is becoming more and more prominent. Mobile communication technology is now in a
critical period in the evolution of network technology. As such, LTE (Long Term Evolution) comes to light. LTE serves as a unified standard
for the new generation of mobile communications, equipped with high spectral efficiency, high peak rate, high mobility, flat network
architecture and other advantages. Huawei has played a very important role in the commercialization of LTE. As a sponsor of NGMN,
Huawei has been actively involved in the research of some key projects of NGMN, such as network self-optimization, system architecture
and Network performance evaluation and so on. This paper mainly introduces the problems encountered in the optimization of LTE
network coverage, the practical problems encountered by the LTE project team in Qingdao and the analysis and solutions to the problems.
At the same time, this paper discusses in detail on the LTE network optimization process.

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