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About the Journal

Forum for Linguistic Studies (FLS) is an international, peer-reviewed journal published by Whioce Publishing Pte. Ltd. FLS aims at publishing the latest research results in general and applied linguistics as well as philosophy of language. The journal caters to a comprehensive audience, ranging from language researchers, linguists, teachers, educationalists, practitioners and those with a general interest in language and linguistics.

Technically supported by Universe Scientific Publishing Pte. Ltd. and academically supported by College of Foreign Languages and Cultures of Sichuan University, FLS aims to encourage the free exchange of information between researchers by being a forum for the constructive discussion and debate of issues in both theoretical and applied research.

FLS welcomes submissions in the form of original articles, review articles, book reviews, editorials, commentaries, letters, perspectives, reports, etc. Papers based on the findings of corpus or experiment-oriented researches are particularly welcomed.

Examples of relevant topics are:

  1. Phonology
  2. Syntax
  3. Semantics
  4. Pragmatics
  5. Cognitive-functional linguistic topics
  6. Dialogic studies
  7. Language teaching/acquisition/policy
  8. Philosophy of language
  9. Linguistic landscape



Journal Sponsorship


Whioce Publishing Pte. Ltd. has reached a strategic publishing cooperation relationship with Singapore Asia Pacific Academy of Science Pte. Ltd.

Both the Asia Pacific Academy of Science and Whioce Publishing Pte. Ltd. jointly sponsor the operating of FLS.

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The relationship between English and Latin


English and Latin belong to the same language family (Indo-European language family) (English belongs to Germanic language family, while Latin belongs to Roman language family), so they are different in grammar.

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What's the difference between Mandarin and Cantonese?


Many foreigners don't understand whether the official language of China is Mandarin or Cantonese. Let's compare the differences between Mandarin and Cantonese.

  1. Number of tones.

    mandarin consists of four main tones and the fifth "neutral" tone. These tones are composed of high (flat), rising, low (falling), falling and neutral tones.

    In Pinyin, each tone is represented by an accent on a vowel. For example, we will modify the tone of mandarin vowel "a" as follows:

    The first sound: ā.

    Second voice: á

    Third voice: ǎ

    The fourth sound: à

    The fifth tone ("neutral" tone): a


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