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Vol 4, No 1: (Published) A bibliometric study of the research field of experimental philosophy of language Abstract   PDF
Jincai Li, Xiaozhen Zhu
Vol 3, No 1: (Published) A cognitive-functional approach to utterance pairs: A critical review of dialogic construction grammar Abstract   PDF
Yujing Li
Vol 4, No 1: (Published) A comparison of L2 and L1 speakers’ production of adverb positions in the Cardiff variety of Welsh Abstract   PDF
Bethan Lines
Vol 2, No 1: (Published) A critical review on the study of threatening in English Abstract   PDF
Yan Zheng, Yongfeng Zhao
Vol 4, No 1: (Published) A dialogic view on construal: A study on the instantiations of wh-interrogative words in wh-dialogues Abstract   PDF
Guocai Zeng
Vol 4, No 1: (Published) A new approach to the study on counterexamples of generic sentences: From the perspective of interactive reference point-target relationship and re-categorization model Abstract   PDF
Yunfei Liu, Yiting Yu, Siyu Chen
Vol 1, No 1: (Published) A philosophical investigation of catchwords in Chinese Abstract   PDF
Qiao Huang
Vol 4, No 1: (Published) A semantic contrastive study of Chinese and English verb “跑/run” from the perspective of cognitive semantics Abstract   PDF
Peiyao Fang, Qi Liu
Vol 4, No 1: (Published) A social-cognitive research on metaphor and metonymy: Taking age appellations in Chinese as an example Abstract   PDF
Yan Zheng
Vol 3, No 1: (Published) A study on machine translation of resultative constructions Abstract   PDF
Xiaoxia Pan
Vol 2, No 1: (Published) Book Review Abstract   PDF
Jiahe Liu
Vol 2, No 1: (Published) Book Review Abstract   PDF
Xinghong Sun
Vol 2, No 1: (Published) Early modern European languages and literature: A short review Abstract   PDF
David Porter
Vol 3, No 1: (Published) Ethical Naturalism and the Meaning of “Good” Abstract   PDF
Xuan Mei
Vol 3, No 1: (Published) Generic structure and APPRAISAL resources in the editorial article Free money Abstract   PDF
Zedong Zhao, Chunyu Hu
Vol 2, No 1: (Published) Gongsun Longzi’s “form”: Minimal word meaning Abstract   PDF
Limin Liu, Qiao Huang
Vol 5, No 1: (In Publishing) Handling translations of data for qualitative research Abstract   PDF
Uswatun Qoyyimah
Vol 1, No 1: (Published) Intonational pitch features of interrogatives and declaratives in Chengdu dialect Abstract   PDF
Hongliu Jiang
Vol 1, No 1: (Published) Investigation into the research on doctoral writing: A synthesis of recent research (2010-2019) Abstract   PDF
Xia Guo
Vol 3, No 1: (Published) Is Cognitive Linguistics deadly sinful? On the pros and cons of Cognitive Linguistics and its development Abstract   PDF
Lin Gan
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