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Design of Speech Signal Analysis and Processing System Based on Matlab Gateway

Weidong Li

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Vol 1, Issue 1, 2018, Article identifier:

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Speech signal processing is an emerging discipline to study the processing of speech signals with digital signal processing technology and phonological
knowledge. It is one of the core technologies in the field of information science research. Passing information through voice is the most important, most effective,
most commonly used and convenient exchange form of information. The Matlab language is a very powerful computer application software for data analysis and
processing. It can transform sound files into discrete data files and then use their powerful matrix computing power to process data such as digital filtering, Fourier
transform, domain and frequency domain analysis, sound playback and a variety of graphics. Its signal processing and analysis toolbox for the voice signal analysis
provides a very rich function, the use of these functions can quickly and easily complete the voice signal processing and analysis, as well as signal visualization,
making human-computer interaction more convenient. Signal processing is one of the important applications of Matlab. This design is aimed at most of the voice
processing software content, operation inconvenience and other issues. The use of MATLAB 7.0 integrated GUI interface design, a variety of function calls to
achieve the voice signal frequency, amplitude, fourier transform and filtering, concise interface, easy to operate. All these have certain practical significance. Finally,
this paper puts forward his own views on the further development of speech signal processing.

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