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Vol 1, Issue 1 A classifier driven approach to find biomarkers for affective disorders from transcription profiles in blood Abstract   PDF
Wiktor Mazin, Joseph A Tamm, Irina A Antonijevic, Aicha Abdourahman, Munish Das, Roman Artymyshyn, Birgitte Søgaard, Mary Walker, Danka Savic, Gordana Matic, Svetozar Damjanović, Ulrik Gether, Thomas Werge, Lars V Kessing, Henrik Ullum, Eva Haastrup, Eric Vermetten, Paul Markovitz, Erik Mosekilde, Christophe PG Gerald
Vol 1, Issue 1 Advances in precision medicine — time for a new journal Abstract   PDF
Lilla Landeck, Robert L Holland, Khusru Asadullah
Vol 1, Issue 1 Collaboration for success: the value of strategic col-laborations for precision medicine and biomarker discovery Abstract   PDF
Lilla Landeck, Monika Lessl, Joachim Reischl, Andreas Busch, Patricia Carrigan, Matthias Gottwald, Petra Reinke, Khusru Asadullah
Vol 2, Issue 2 Genomics Vault: A framework for Precision Medicine data management Abstract   PDF
Bhupinder Bhullar
Vol 2, Issue 1 Identifying the active pharmaceutical ingredient from a mixture of fumaric acid esters for the treatment of psoriasis: Hints from in vitro investigations Abstract   PDF
Lilla Landeck, Adriana Amasuno, Ignasi Pau-Charles, Khusru Asadullah
Vol 1, Issue 2 Interleukin-17A blockade with secukinumab results in decreased neutrophil infiltration in psoriasis: minimally-invasive measurement by tape stripping Abstract   PDF
Christian Loesche, Frank Kolbinger, Marie-Anne Valentin, Philip Jarvis, Melanie Ceci, Grazyna Wieczorek, Edward Khokhlovich, Irina Koroleva, Gerard Bruin, Frank Sinner, Birgit Aigner, Dhavalkumar D Patel
Vol 1, Issue 1 Investigating the health-economic profiles of biomarker-driven immunosuppresion (BIO-DrIM) following solid organ transplantation Abstract   PDF
Simon A Weber, Malte Pietzsch, Oriol Bestard, Josep M Grinyo, Ondrej Viklicky, Petra Reinke
Vol 1, Issue 2 Personalized medicine: consequences for drug research and therapy Abstract   PDF
Thorsten Ruppert, Sabine Sydow, Günter Stock
Vol 1, Issue 2 Precision medicine: do not neglect the hurdles Abstract   PDF
Lilla Landeck, Patricia Carrigan, Khusru Asadullah
Vol 1, Issue 1 Prioritization of COPD protein biomarkers, based on a systematic study of the literature Abstract   PDF
Sara Ongay, Frank Klont, Peter Horvatovich, Rainer Bischoff, Nick HT ten Hacken
Vol 1, Issue 2 Reproducibility of preclinical data: one man's poison is another man's meat Abstract   PDF
Anton Bespalov, Christoph H Emmerich, Björn Gerlach, Martin C Michel
Vol 1, Issue 1 Strategy to achieve biomarker-driven immunosuppression after solid organ transplantation by an academic-industry partnership within the European BIO-DrIM consortium Abstract   PDF
Hans-Dieter Volk, Bernhard Banas, Frederike Bemelman, Oriol Bestard, Sophie Brouard, Cristina Cuturi, Josep M Grinyó, Maria Hernandez-Fuentes, Martina Koch, Björn Nashan, Irene Rebollo-Mesa, Alberto Sanchez-Fueyo, Birgit Sawitzki, Ineke JM ten Berge, Ondrej Viklicky, Kathryn Wood K, Petra Reinke
Vol 1, Issue 2 Success factors in drug discovery and development Abstract   PDF
Björn Wallmark
Vol 1, Issue 2 The research data reproducibility problem solicits a 21st century solution Abstract   PDF
Bhupinder Bhullar
Vol 1, Issue 2 The role of open innovation in biomarker discovery Abstract   PDF
Lilla Landeck, Monika Lessl, Andreas Busch, Matthias Gottwald, Khusru Asadullah
Vol 2, Issue 1 The SMART Healthcare Solution Abstract   PDF
Basil Harris Chaballout, Ryan Jeffry Shaw, Karin Reuter-Rice
Vol 2, Issue 1 Validation of novel multiplex technologies Abstract   PDF
Levent Akyüz, Andreas Wilhelm, Florian Butke, Park Su-Jin, Anja Kuckuck, Hans-Dieter Volk, Gerald Grütz
Vol 1, Issue 1 What makes a good biomarker? Abstract   PDF
Robert L Holland
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