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Preparation and Application of Electrostatic spinning Nanofibers

Jane Rossetti, Ella Zacharias

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Electrostatic spinning is a simple, effective, cheap and pollution-free new method for preparing nanofibers, which has been widely used in the field of preparing nanofibers in recent years. Because of its high porosity and large specific surface area, it has a good application prospect in the fields of filtration materials, biomedicine, transducers, electronic devices, etc. In this paper, the basic principle and recent development of the preparation of nanofibers by electrospinning are reviewed. In this paper, the research status of electrostatic spinning fibers in filtration materials, biomedicine, sensors, electronic devices and other special fields at home and abroad is reviewed. The development trend and research direction of electrostatic spinning nanofibers are prospected.


Electrostatic spinning; nanofibers; filter materials; biomedical; sensors; electronic devices

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