Vol 2, Issue 1

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18063/bc.v2i1


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Original Research Articles

by Lu Gao1, Zhe Yang2, Keping Chen2
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To Search for a more efficient way of degrading cellulose. METHODS: Apripona germari Cellulase genes were cloned and expressed in Bombyx mori derived cell line, BmN cell line by BmNPV/Bac-to-Bac baculovirus expression systems. Infected BmN cells were harvested 72 h post-infection (hpi). Expressd recombinant cellulose was analyzed in 12.5% SDS– PAGE and western blot. The activity of purified recombinant cellulose was assessed by 3, 5- nitro salicylic acid (DNS) colorimetric method. RESULTS: Western blot analysis showed that Recombinant cellulase was expressed in BmN insect cells as a 29 kDa protein. Enzyme activity assay demonstrated that recombinant cellulose has the activity of decomposing cellulose. CONCLUSION: Apripona germari Cellulase was successfully expressed in BmN insect cell line. The method established in this study provides an efficient way to produce a large amount of cellulase and paves the way for further utilization of cellulose.

Original Research Articles

by Joshi M Manohar, Azza Kumar
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Fluorescence probes are attracting more and more attentions in biomedical research because of their nontoxicity, sensitivity and accuracy. The advantages and disadvantages of different kinds of fluorescent probes, the research status and the progress of fluorescent labeling in biomedicine are reviewed, and the research trend and application prospect of biofluorescence probe are prospected

Original Research Articles

by Petar Melih INAL, Nikhil Vishnu
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Big data thinking gradually rise with the coming era of big data. Big data characteristics could be summarized with 4V: volume, variety, velocity and value. The characteristics of big data thinking could be summed up in integrity, fault tolerance, correlation and intelligence. These characteristics were also the primary differences between big data thinking and small data thinking. The application of big data thinking in biomedical field became more and more widely, and the most commonly used was NCBI database. The process of mining valuable information in NCBI database was big data thinking. And the rise of Meta analysis and TCGA database would illustrate the huge application value of big data thinking in the biomedical field.

Original Research Articles

by Neeraj Dragutin Kumar, Erica Kazemi
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Under the request of the global internationalization process, the various specialties in the field of medicine in our country have carried out many kinds of exploration of international medical talents training. However, the application of cross-cultivation of laboratory medicine and other related fields in undergraduate education is still in the exploratory stage. This paper, taking Biomedical Specialty of Deacon University in Australia as an example, compares and analyzes the educational system of this specialty. The characteristics of teaching methods, educational contents and hardware and software facilities and the differences between the teaching methods and the health inspection specialty in China. Understanding these differences will undoubtedly promote the internationalization process of medical students' education, and then promote health examination in China. The development of empirical education.

Original Research Articles

by Adel Ben BOUKHAMLA, Samir Bhat
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New methods based on nanomaterials, such as biomolecular detection, photothermal therapy, photodynamic therapy and targeted drug delivery, are gradually becoming important diagnostic and therapeutic means in the field of biomedicine. The combination of nanotechnology and photonics can precisely control the interaction between light and substance in nanometer range, thus making the biomedical diagnosis and treatment technology more precise and stable. The development of multi-work energy nano-photonics for precision biomedicine at home and abroad. These four aspects are to improve the stability of nano-biomedicine by relying on optical technology. The precise monitoring of tumor nanotherapeutic process is realized by optical technology, the mechanism of nano-biomedicine is deeply understood by optical technology, and the new means of fine biomedical research on front edge is obtained by new optical technology.