Vol 2, Issue 2

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18063/bc.v2i2


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Original Research Articles

by Tiandong Wang, Yunli Li
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Nanotechnology is a technology for studying the movement and characteristics of electrons, atoms and molecules in a space of 1-100 nm and for manufacturing products with specific functions.Nanotechnology is penetrating deeper and deeper into the field of biomedicine. Nanoparticles have quantum size effects, surface effects, small size effects and macroscopic quantities. Subtunnel effect makes it exhibit many unique properties, such as large specific surface area, many surface active centers, high surface reactivity, strong adsorption capacity and high catalytic capacity. The understanding of particle characteristics opens up a new way for the application of biomedical research to further development and provides a more scientific means.

Original Research Articles

by Sanjib Pitchaipillai, Indadul Nayar
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An ontology-driven data transformation model is used to build a biomedical dataset integration database, and a shared semantic identifier for heterogeneous resources is given.Supports semantic Web lattice biomedical library, can realize the automatic transformation and mapping of data sets.

Original Research Articles

by Jane Rossetti, Ella Zacharias
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Electrostatic spinning is a simple, effective, cheap and pollution-free new method for preparing nanofibers, which has been widely used in the field of preparing nanofibers in recent years. Because of its high porosity and large specific surface area, it has a good application prospect in the fields of filtration materials, biomedicine, transducers, electronic devices, etc. In this paper, the basic principle and recent development of the preparation of nanofibers by electrospinning are reviewed. In this paper, the research status of electrostatic spinning fibers in filtration materials, biomedicine, sensors, electronic devices and other special fields at home and abroad is reviewed. The development trend and research direction of electrostatic spinning nanofibers are prospected.

Original Research Articles

by Stamatios Ramkumar, Rohit Marriwala
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The steps of text mining in biomedical field and the methods used in its each step were described with stress laid on the tools used in each step of text mining in order to promote text mining in biomedical field.

Original Research Articles

by Benedict Windsor, Georgia Masefield
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Nano-gold composite has unique physicochemical properties and is also a good biomaterial. This kind of composite with nano-effect and biological characteristics is easier to bind to biological molecules than ligand monomer, thus broadening its application in biological field. Their applications in biomedicine.