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Vol 2, Issue 1 Advances of Fluorescent Probes Inbiomedical Science Abstract   PDF
Joshi M Manohar, Azza Kumar
Vol 2, Issue 1 Big Data Thinking and Its Biomedical Application Abstract   PDF
Petar Melih INAL, Nikhil Vishnu
Vol 2, Issue 1 Characteristics of undergraduate Education in Biomedical Specialty in Australia and its implications for Health Inspection Education Abstract   PDF
Neeraj Dragutin Kumar, Erica Kazemi
Vol 2, Issue 1 Expression and Enzyme Activity Determination of Apripona Germari Cellulase in Bmnpv/Bac-to-Bac Baculovirus Expression Systems Abstract   PDF
Lu Gao1, Zhe Yang2, Keping Chen2
Vol 2, Issue 1 Multifunctional nanometer Photonics Technology for Precision Bio-medicine Abstract   PDF
Adel Ben BOUKHAMLA, Samir Bhat
Vol 2, Issue 2 Nanotechnology & Nanoparticles and Their Advances of Investigation and Application in the Fields of Biomedicine Abstract   PDF
Tiandong Wang, Yunli Li
Vol 2, Issue 2 Ontology based Multimodal semantic Transformation method for Biomedical data Abstract   PDF
Sanjib Pitchaipillai, Indadul Nayar
Vol 2, Issue 2 Preparation and Application of Electrostatic spinning Nanofibers Abstract   PDF
Jane Rossetti, Ella Zacharias
Vol 2, Issue 2 Steps and Tools of Text Mining in Biomedical Field Abstract   PDF
Stamatios Ramkumar, Rohit Marriwala
Vol 2, Issue 2 Synthesis of Nano-gold Complex and its Application in Biomedicine Abstract   PDF
Benedict Windsor, Georgia Masefield
Vol 2, Issue 3 ( In publishing) Weighted gene co-expression network nalysis inbiomedicine research Abstract   PDF
Guillermo Guillen-Gamez, Héctor Migallón
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