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Recognition of Vehicle Number Plate Using Image Processing Technique

Jaimini Solanki, Vivek Rajguru, Ankit Saxena

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Vol 2, Issue 1, 2018, Article identifier:

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The video surveillance system is preferred for security monitoring, however, the detection of moving object is a challenging part. In areas where parking space is allotted to a particular vehicle, a wrongly parked vehicle can be recognized. It is noted that the number plates of the vehicle are found in different shape, size and also they are different in color. This makes the detection of the vehicle by their number plates, the most interesting and challenging research topic. Number plate detection is helpful in finding stolen cars, car parking management system and identification of the vehicle in traffic. This paper presents an approach for Number Plate Recognition (NPR) using morphological operation and Sobel edge detection method. In this approach, all the letters and numbers used in the number plate are segmented by using bounding box method. After segmentation, template matching approach is used to recognize numbers and characters. The number plate decoded can be used further for identification, matching and documentation purpose of vehicle details. 

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