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Original Research Articles

by Jiayang Yao, Lan Wei, Tianqi Liu
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The advantage of electronic voting is that the voting is convenient and quick and the counting of votes is simple, but it is difficult to meet the requirements of both high security and large-scale application. This paper proposes an electronic voting protocol and system based on blockchain technology. The blockchain layer will use the P2P network to build a distributed database, use digital signature algorithms and encryption technologies to ensure that the data cannot be tampered with, and consensus algorithms to ensure the consistency of the data in the network, and use time stamping technology to connect the data blocks end to end chain structure preservation. And the application of Ethereum fully integrates different functional modules as a whole, achieves consensus through a proof-of-work mechanism, miners mine, and the new network protocol is formulated to achieve synchronous operation of the blockchain. Finally, the smart contract deployed on Ethereum runs on an Ethereum-specific virtual machine, and interacts with the underlying blockchain through the Ethereum virtual machine and RPC interface.

Original Research Articles

by Jiahui Meng, Qingyuan Zhao, Yu Zhang, Guanglei Wen, Huimin Ge, Hongpeng Li
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Sewage treatment is one of the main methods to promote the recycling of water resources. The control goal of sewage treatment process is to reduce energy consumption under the premise that the effluent quality reaches the standard. In recent years, model predictive control (MPC) has attracted some attention in sewage treatment. Neural network is widely used in control field because of its strong online learning ability. BP neural network is selected as the prediction layer and control layer of MPC and applied to sewage treatment plant to realize on-line control of dissolved oxygen and nitrate. The training index of traditional neural network usually only selects the error between measured value and set value as the variable, and now the change of control quantity is also taken as the training index variable of control layer to adjust the weight relation between them to get the best control effect. Considering that different weather conditions will have a greater impact on the water inflow, different coefficients of the two can be selected to achieve better results in different weather.

Original Research Articles

by Jialei Shao
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With the development of information technology, data has become an increasingly important resource. Through data mining technology, valuable content can be extracted from the data. Based on the association rules algorithm, U.S. census data for data mining, association rules related to income, through visualization operation, intuitive to show the association rules related to income.

Original Research Articles

by Jia Ai
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The development of computer technology is extremely rapid in today's world. The faster it develops, the more security risks it is exposed to and the stronger computing power of the computing systems and software it requires. There are many advantages of embedded computer systems, including not only good reliability, but also strong practicability. Therefore, embedded computer systems are widely applied in business and industry. Open or commercial applications allow computers to embed radar systems in many industries. Therefore, the computer embedded radar operating system has bright development prospects.

Original Research Articles

by Lei Wang
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First of all, this article briefly introduces the structure and algorithm of linear neural network and the characteristics of MATLAB language by reading and combing related literature. Then, the method and basic steps of using MATLAB neural network toolbox to realize linear neural network are given. Based on the neural network toolbox function provided by MATLAB language for network design, users can call related programs according to their own needs, thus eliminating the need to write specific complex and lengthy algorithm details. Finally, a concrete example is given to prove that the method is feasible.