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Anti-tumor Effect of Shikonin on S180 tumor - Bearing Mice

Guodong Cheng

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Vol 1, Issue 1, 2018, Article identifier:

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Objective: To investigate the changes of cell cycle and the content of P53 protein in S180 cells by using the specific
fluorescent probe to identify the biological target to be measured according to the change of the fluorescence signal.
The results showed that Shikonin had good anti-tumor effect. Methods: Cell cycle changes and P53 protein content in
S180 cells were detected by flow cytometry. Results: With the increase of Shikonin dose, S180 cells G1 and S phase
content gradually increased, it can be inferred Shikonin action in cells, and the cells can be blocked in G1 and S phase.
With the increase of the dose of Shikonin, the expression of P53 protein increased. This suggests that Shikonin may
up-regulate P53 activity and induce apoptosis. Conclusion: From the experimental results, we can see that Shikonin
has a good antitumor effect in vivo.

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