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Similitude between the Earth’s nucleus and the Earth–Moon barycenter

Monica Ciobanu, Andrei Dihore

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Vol 3, Issue 1, 2020, Article identifier:

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Being interested in problems which regard the Earth’s rotation around its axis, we made some attempts to find the limits of the Earth–Moon barycenter inside the Earth. We found that the Earth–Moon barycenter surrounds the Earth nucleus. We also noticed that when the angle between the Earth equator and the Moon’s orbit reaches its minimum value at 18.3°, the barycenter spiral with around 27 whirls surround only the inner core.


Earth–Moon barycenter; Earth’s nucleus; anisotropy of the inner core; nutation period

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M. Z. Ciobanu, A Rigorous Astrometrical Solution in the Case of the Euler-Poinsot Equations System, 2019; 29, 29. Available from:

The Astronomical Almanac of the Year 2016, Official publication prepared jointly with Her Majesty’s Nautical Almanac Office of the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office and the United States Naval Observatory’s Nautical Almanac Office.

T. Wang and X. Song, Support for equatorial anisotropy of Earth’s inner-inner core from seismic interferometry at low latitudes, Physics of the Earth and the Planetary interiors, 2018; 276, 247-257.

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