Meet our Editorial Team

Environment and Social Psychology has a professional editorial team, including 1 Editor-in-Chief,1 associate editor, 2 book review editors, and more than 100 editorial board members from many countries around the world.

The Editor-in-Chief is Prof. Zhen Lei, and he is the Director of China Center for Behavioral Economics and Finance. He is honored as "Sichuan Tianfu Financial Leader", "Sichuan Academic and Technical Leader", and "Class A Talent of 'Guanghua Talent Project' of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics". Research field: Behavioral finance; Investment science; Experimental and behavioral economics; Neuroeconomics; theory of game; etc.

Social Position:

Reviewers for Economic Research, World of Managing, Quarterly of Economics, World Economy, etc.

Providing investment decision-making consultation and training for government, enterprises and institutions, private equity funds, families, etc.


The associate editor Luke Barnesmoore is the Founder, Executive Director, Center for Critical Interdisciplinary Studies (CCIS), United States.More details, please click here.


One of the book review editors is Priscilla Allen, from the LSU School of Social Work, United States.There are 28 Publications from the Web of Science Core Collection, and the H exponent is 11.

Another book review editor is Sonia Kapur from UNC Asheville, United States.