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The Fight against the Epidemic Highlights the Urgency of the Construction of Social Psychological Service System

Xiaolan Fu, Xuefeng Chen

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Vol 7, Issue 1, 2022, Article identifier:

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Since December 2019, the fast-spreading coronavirus disease has ravaged China, threatening people’s lives and health and affecting China’s economic and social development. The development of the epidemic and the effectiveness of prevention and control will not only directly affect the physical and mental health of individuals, but also affect the social and psychological behaviors such as government trust, interpersonal trust, risk communication, economic confidence, consumption behavior and social mentality. In the epidemic prevention and control, as well as national emergency management and social governance, it is urgent to improve and promote the construction of social psychological service system. It is suggested to improve the emergency management laws and regulations in time and incorporate the social psychological service guarantee system into the emergency management system; build a professional team of social psychological services for emergency management, and guide social forces to play their role in a standardized and orderly manner; give full play to the role of network and information technology to realize the accurate connection and refined management of psychosocial service needs and resources in emergency management; strengthen the research on emergency management psychology to provide knowledge accumulation and scientific support for improving the governance system, improving governance efficiency and improving governance ability.


Public health events; Emergency management; Psychosocial services

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