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Correlation between Internet Addiction Disorder and Mental Health of Junior Middle School Students in Chengdu

Jianxing Zhang, Suhua Zhang, Xue Yao, Li Zhang, Dan Wu, Dongmei Chen, Huabing Zhang, Junli Ou

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Objective: To study the prevalence and main influencing factors of Internet addiction among junior middle school students in Chengdu, and to provide scientific basis for the prevention and intervention of Internet addiction. Methods: From September to December 2017, 3,607 junior middle school students were randomly selected from 8 middle schools in Chengdu by stratified cluster sampling, and investigated by selfmade questionnaire. SPSS 19.0 software was used for χ 2 test and multiple linear regression analysis. Results: 174 of 3,607 junior middle school students in Chengdu were diagnosed with Internet addiction, and the detection rate of Internet addiction was 4.8%. There were significant differences in the scores of mental health, learning pressure, parent-child relationship and peer relationship between Internet addiction and non-internet addiction junior middle school students (P < 0.05). The results of multiple linear regression showed that family economic status, learning pressure, depression and anxiety were positively correlated with internet addiction, while parent-child relationship, peer relationship and social support were negatively correlated with Internet addiction (P < 0.05, P < 0.01). Conclusion: The detection rate of Internet addiction among junior middle school students in Chengdu is at a low level. Junior middle school students with low social support and high depression and anxiety have a higher risk of Internet addiction, which can be reduced by improving their mental health.


Junior school student; Internet addiction; Mental health; Influence factor

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