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Research Articles

by Nairruti Jani
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Trafficking in persons is a complex issue demanding a coordinated and multidimensional response in order to achieve effective and faster results. Due to the complexity of this phenomenon, it is often challenging for organizations serving this population to identify the constantly emerging needs in a routine fashion. The aim of this study is to provide comprehensive guidance to service providers on existing needs in this field and assessing the gaps in response to trafficking in persons in United States. The results of this study reveal a number of components that have to be crucially addressed for creating a need based effective multi-disciplinary and multi-agency system of service provision for victims of human trafficking.

Research Articles

by Shijin Sun, Liang Huang, Wei Qi
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Social psychological service system is complex, and the construction of social psychological service system is a complex systematic project. From the perspective of history, management, philosophy, society and psychology, social psychological service is not only the inevitable result of the further development of mental health education, but also the practical needs of social governance. In the final analysis, it is a practical activity based on people, for people and serving people. It should not only take into account the complex society and people’s social attributes, but also follow the general principles of psychology. Social psychological services are not equal to mental health services, social risk prevention and control or psychological counseling services. They are more than eliminating psychological problems, and the service cannot rely too much on psychological professionals. The scientific construction of social psychological service system needs an all-round integration from the aspects of concept, mechanism, resources, content and ways, so as to better serve people and society.

Research Articles

by Fei Lian, Zhao Tong Zhao Tong
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Severe negativity and lack of social support threaten the health of older adults. The health and well-being of older adults can be enhanced by creating a psychosocial supportive environment by placing health-promoting environmental elements in the physical environment of an elderly care facility. Based on systematic literature collection and analysis, this paper summarizes the environmental design goals and environmental characteristics from three aspects: social support, emotional support and psychological coherence support, and analyzes the limitations of the social psychological support environment in the mechanism of action.

Research Articles

by Ziqiang Xin, Liping Chi
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The construction of social psychological service system is an important measure to innovate social governance in China, which aims to solve the problems of social mentality cultivation and psychological construction. However, whether the “meaning of oughtness” of this concept can be implemented in the construction practice all over the country remains to be discussed. This study collected the network text data of the actual work situation in 12 pilot areas of social psychological service system construction in China, and coded the data according to 6 primary indicators such as organizational structure and work mode and 23 secondary indicators under them to describe the “actual situation” of construction in various places. The text analysis results show that: (1) the content orientation of the construction of social psychological service system in each pilot area has a serious tendency of “mental health”; (2) on the whole, psychosocial services only focus on “risk prevention and control”; (3) the relationship between social psychological service and social governance is misplaced. In short, there is a big gap between the “actual situation” and “meaning of oughtness” of the construction of social psychological service system all over the country.

Review Articles

by Mingjie Zhou, Weiqi Mu, Rui Zheng, Xuefeng Chen
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The construction of social psychological service system is an important content of social governance. Starting from the three levels of individual, organization/group and Society (i.e. Micro, meso and macro levels), and taking the use of network information and technology to intervene and guide emotions at all levels as the core. This paper discusses the construction of social psychological service system of network information and technology in intervening individual mental health and guiding group and social emotion. It is suggested to give further play to the guiding role of public opinion of mainstream media and standardize the professional ethics and professional quality of self-media practitioners, raise and standardize the ethical supervision of big data analysis.


by Beatriz Palacios-Florencio, Manuela Domínguez-Orta, Luna Santos-Roldán
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The concern for energy use and energy efficiency is a question of vital relevance and urgency in the current world. A search in Google Scholar with the term “energy use” produces more than 2 million results. If the search is restricted to the term “tourism,” more than 220,000 results are obtained and if we use together with the terms “energy use” and “corporate social responsibility” (CSR), we get more than 19,000 results. Nevertheless, the authors have been unable to identify scientific studies centered on the problem of energy use in the area of the tourist sector and CSR. The aim of this paper is to identify the most usual subjects or topics which appear in the scientific literature analyzed, evaluate the documentary sources that show a greater degree of presence and which can be considered as more relevant and influential and to point out who is the most relevant and prestigious authors who are currently writing about the topics considered.


by Brij Mohan
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The ‘post-truth’ society has produced a compound of two sets of new revolutionaries: We have known about the ‘white trash’ for about 400 years. The ‘deplorables’ represent the new Hillbillies left out by the ravages of globalized economy; ‘basement dwellers’ are reluctant liberals unable to confront the new realities of a hopelessly divided nation.