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Genetic Testing and Genetic Consultation

Huaqing Wei1, Gangnan Wu2

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The mutation genetic material, including genetic mutations or chromosome aberration, is the source of genetic disease happen, is also different from other diseases of the basic characteristics. Vigorously developing test and genetic screening, timely detection genetic disease patients and virulence genes carriers, is the only feasible method to improve population quality, promote a happy family, social prosperity, prosperous country. Genetic counseling for detection genetic disease patients and virulence genes carriers, and effective and feasible marriage guidance, birth guidance, play an important role in reducing the birth of the sick children and preventing the happening of the disease of children. In prenatal diagnosis of the fetus involved in disease treatment of moral choice in the problem, follow the four basic principles: first, respect the couple’s choice; second, don’t damage the individual and family; third, reliable prenatal diagnosis results; fourth, voluntary prenatal diagnosis and genetic counseling. These standards in all countries of the world have undoubtedly commonalities.

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