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A Preliminary Study on the Relationship between Micronucleus Formation and Cell Cycle

Ku Weihao

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Vol 1, Issue 1, 2017, Article identifier:

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Micronucleus is an abnormal structure in eukaryotic cells. It is the result of various physical and chemical factors,
such as radiation and chemical drugs acting on dividing cells. It is generally believed that micronuclei are originated
in backward chromosomes and fragments that have lost centromere and are formed at the end of mitosis. However,
other experiments suggest that interphase cells can also form micronuclei. In this study, human peripheral blood
lymphocytes were cultured in vitro and cyclophosphamide 20 ug/ml was injected at specifi c times of the cell cycle to
observe the relationship between micronuclei formation and cell cycle. The experimental results confi rmed that the
cell cycle micronucleus formation.

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