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Construction of New Genetically Engineered Vaccine Strain for O-type Foot-and-Mouth Disease of Pig

Liu Feifei

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Vol 1, Issue 1, 2017, Article identifier:

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Foot-and-mouth disease is an acute and highly contagious viral infectious disease. Although the foot and mouth
disease vaccine has been applied in some parts of the world since the beginning of the 20th century, the current
epidemic of foot and mouth disease in the world is still serious and constitutes an obstacle to the trade of animal and
animal products in the world. The porcine pseudorabies virus gene deletion strain PRV TK-/ gE-/ LacZ +, which is
constructed by our laboratory, has the advantages of good safety, large capacity and high recombination effi ciency. In
this study, the artifi cial O-type foot-and-mouth disease P1 gene as an antigen gene, UbiP1 fused with ubiquitin (Ub)
as another antigen gene to enhance cellular immunity, and then shRNA designed for FMD 3B gene and porcine IFN-
[gamma] with antiviral and immune-regulatory eff ects. The two functional genes were constructed in turn to construct
a transfer vector with four functional genes. The transfer vector was transfected into TK-/ gE- / LacZ+ cells with PRV
deletion vector, and the plasmids were purifi ed and identifi ed. The recombinant pseudorabies virus, which contains
the six functional genes of P1 gene, UbiP1, shRNA and IFN-γ, was obtained, which laid the foundation for further
construction of new genetically engineered vaccine.

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