News: Researchers outline game-theory approach to better understand genetics


Principles of game theory offer new ways of understanding genetic behavior, a pair of researchers has concluded in a new analysis appearing in the Journal of the Royal Society Interface. Its work opens the possibility of comprehending biological processes, and specifically biochemistry, through a new scientific lens.

The exploration considers signaling , which involves sender and receiver interactions with both seeking payoffs.

"The view of  as players in a signaling game effectively animates genes and bestows simple utilities and strategies—thus, unique personalities—on them," explains Bhubaneswar "Bud" Mishra, a professor at NYU's Courant Institute of

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Posted: 2018-09-11

News: Mathematician uses dynamical ideas for insight into the geometry of a space


Steven Frankel is not hungry. He just wants to talk about noodles.

Frankel is picturing a big bowl of —and whether, and when, the noodles might loop back around on themselves—infinitely extruded, as they might be, from some sort of cosmic pasta maker.

The noodles are a simplified way for Frankel, assistant professor of mathematics in Arts & Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis, to describe a link between the geometry of a space and the dynamics of that space—how the space changes over time. It's all part of his first solo-authored paper in the leading journal of his field, the Annals of Mathematics.

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Posted: 2018-09-11

News: Antimatter seen in two places at once thanks to quantum experiment


A particle can be in two places at once – even if it is made of antimatter. Researchers have just performed an antimatter twist on a classic experiment used to show one of the foundational tenets of quantum mechanics: that all particles are also waves.

In the most basic version of the double-slit experiment, first performed in 1801, a beam of light illuminates a plate with two parallel slits cut into it. The light that passes through the slits hits a screen, creating stripes of light and darkness …

Posted: 2018-09-11
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