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Simulation and Analysis of Fluid-Solid Coupling of Wave Impact Sandcastle Based on COMSOL

Zhen Ouyang, Ke Wang, Zihao Yu, Kaikai Xu, Qianyu Zhao, Zhicheng Ruan, Yifan Zhang, Wei Lin, Zheng Sun

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Vol 3, Issue 1, 2020, Article identifier:

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It is a complex problem to study the interaction between sand castle and flowing water, which needs to consider the complexity of seawater flow and the stress of sand castle structure. The authors use the fluid-solid coupling model to establish the connection between the fluid field and the structural mechanical field, and use the finite element analysis to complete the simulation modeling of the transient process of wave impact and sandcastle foundation deformation. This paper analyzes the stress and the first principal strain of the sand castle foundation in the direction of flow velocity when the sand castle foundation is hit by waves, as a method to judge the strength of the sand castle.

The best shape: the boundary value of sand castle collapse caused by strain have been determined, so as to obtain the maximum stress that a sand castle foundation can bear before collapse, which makes it possible to use the fatigue strength calculation theory of sand castle solid to carry out the quantitative calculation of sand castle durability. At the same time, the impact of waves is abstracted as wave motion equation. Finally, the finite element analysis technology is adopted to calculate the main strain of sandcastles of different shapes under the impact of the same wave, and through the comparison of the main strain, the authors get the sandcastle shape with the strongest anti-wave impact ability, which is the eccentric circular platform body.

Affected by rain: the authors considered the effect of rainwater infiltration on the sandcastle's stress, and simplified the process of rain as a continuous and uniform infiltration of rain into the sandcastle's surface. The rain changes the gravity of the sand on the castle's surface. Simulation analysis is adopted to calculate the surface stress of sand castle with different degree of water seepage and different geometry. By comparison, it has been found that the smooth cone is more able to withstand the infiltration of rain without collapse.



Fluid-Solid Coupling; Finite Element Analysis; Variable-Stress Fatigue Strength Calculation; First Principal Strain

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